BELIEF phase II trial

Patients with EGFR Mut+ NSCLC and pre-existing T790M mutations who received first-line treatment with erlotinib plus bevacizumab, had significantly longer PFS than those patients who were T790M-negative.1

Study design and endpoints1
  • BELIEF was a randomised, single-arm phase II trial that took place across 29 centres in eight European countries.
  • The trial was a proof-of-concept study investigating erlotinib plus bevacizumab as first-line treatment for patients with
    EGFR Mut+ NSCLC, stratified by the presence or absence of the pre-treatment T790M mutation.

Key Results

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In patients who received erlotinib plus bevacizumab, PFS was significantly longer in those with pre-existing T790M mutations than those without.

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AEs of any grade were common with combination treatment, however the majority of AEs were Grade ≤3

* 105 patients out of the 106 in the safety population had at least one adverse event. 29% of patients had a serious adverse event.

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Please note; in some countries the combination of erlotinib plus bevacizumab may not be registered or reimbursed