Erlotinib real-world evidence and retrospective analyses


After clinical trials, it is important to understand how effective and safe drugs are in clinical practice. Real-world evidence provides insight into how drugs perform in a wider range of patients, with more comorbidities and a more diverse medical history than those patients enrolled in clinical trials.

Retrospective studies help to formulate hypotheses about possible associations between an outcome and an exposure to form the basis for further investigation of the relationship.

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Real-world evidence:
Flatiron Electronic Health Record Database study of EGFR TKIs
Retrospective analysis:
erlotinib vs gefitinib in Asian patients with newly diagnosed brain metastases
Retrospective analysis:
clinical outcomes in patients treated with EGFR TKIs in Taiwan
Comparative study:
CNS progression in response to treatment with gefitinib or erlotinib
Retrospective analysis:
T790M occurrence rate in patients treated with EGFR TKIs