Comparative study: CNS progression in response to treatment with gefitinib or erlotinib

In Chinese patients with pre-existing brain metastases, erlotinib treatment significantly prolonged time to neurological progression compared with gefitinib treatment.1

Study overview1

  • This retrospective analysis examined the prevention and control of brain metastases in Chinese* EGFR Mut+ NSCLC patients who received first-line therapy with erlotinib as compared with first-line gefitinib treatment.

*Treated at a single centre

Key Results


nTTP in pre-existing brain metastases1

Time to neurological progression (nTTP) was significantly longer in erlotinib- versus gefitinib-treated patients with pre-existing brain metastases.


Progression-free survival (all patients)1

Overall, PFS was not significantly different between patients treated with erlotinib compared with those treated with gefitinib.